In this last solo album for the time being I deal with the fast pace of life in our performance society.
The last few months have been frustrating and exhausting for many of us, we are observing a continuous loss of freedom and social warmth, which are exchanged worldwide for a deceptive sham security. It is a shame for mankind, that out of cowardice we seek our meaning in life almost exclusively in survival, whereas higher and actually meaningful areas of life are forcibly pushed into the background or only treated with disdain. These developments nowadays fill me with disgust.
I have no idea if there will be another solo album of mine, but I am optimistic that better times will come again.

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  1. Workout Progress - 3:42

  2. Paint It Lightning Blue, Fritz! - 3:26

  3. Sustainable Baby Management - 4:34

  4. Stemming Kindergarten - 3:42

  5. My Perpendicular Earthworm - 3:38

  6. I Cuddle With Countdown Timer - 3:53

  7. Running Around In Squares - 3:54

  8. Seventynine Proper Push-Ups - 3:28

  9. Crutch Endurance Run - 3:35

10. Sadly The Groin Suffers Silently - 3:50

11. Deep Jump World Record - 3:54

12. Please Wait - 7:09

At this point I'd like to give some credits to Martin Poisel (Hofstudios) for Mixdown and Mastering, Dejan Mandic (Schallrausch Studios Vienna) for Preproduction and bass guitar on track 11, Sebastian Graf (Skaputnik) for his amazing saxophone and clarinet playing on tracks 1,2 & 12 and last but not least my dear and esteemed brother Hannes Pichlmann (SoundDiary) for contributing with his electric guitar skills on tracks 1, 3-9, 11 & 12. Thank you for your support in these difficult times!

All songs on this album were written and arranged by maleFritz. Very special thanks go to my wife Kat for her fantastic visual artwork on all of my albums! For more information visit: katp-bildarbeit.