Others are painting with brushes,

      maleFritz paints with music.


My worlds do not arise out of paint and canvas, I swing notes and keys to create auditory experiences out of mental, emotional and sometimes even physical states.

I feel the wish to touch people with music, perhaps even lead them off a bit into different dimensions and perspectives.  For as long as I can remember it has always been a matter of course and necessity for me to make music.




My current album deals with the topic of stress and the lack of time we all have. CLICK HERE to proceed!

I just finished my first digital, animated visual artwork for "Loading...".
It was fun and challenging at the same time to enter this new terrain.
You can watch these short videos ("canvas") here:

Here are two examples:


I Cuddle With Countdown Timer 


Deep Jump World Record

You may also want to listen to some full tracks from my previous albums: 

"Clearly" (Adam, Steve.) 

"Sand Cave Of Seclusion" (Metatraveller)

"The Oppression Of Progression" (Airs Of Soberia)