I was born on 1st March 1976 in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria.

Already at the age of 7 I started with classical piano training and shortly afterwards discovered my passion for composition and songwriting. Then, in the early '90s, I started playing keyboards in a Teenage-Rockband, where most of the songs originated from my pen.



Besides my studies at university I produced an unpublished album with instrumental music in  2000, solely using the sounds of a Yamaha W7 and recording it with the integrated sequencer. This album laid the foundation for my current musical work.


In 2008, I joined the Austrian Progressive-Rock-Band SoundDiary, and except for a short break between  10/2015 and 04/2016 I have been their keyboard player since then.


In 2009, within the scope of a Singer-Songwriter project, I performed live under the pseudonym "maleFritz" for the first time.  At this event I performed self-composed songs with  piano and voice.

(Album: "reason grows", unpublished)

As one would probably assume, the pseudonym does not relate to the English gender term, but to the German word for "painting" ("malen"). Besides, my  great-grandma used to call me "Malefizbua" when I was a little boy, which means something like "rascal" in Upper Austrian dialect.




Whenever I have a moment as a father of two small children I am working on my musical projects. It fills my heart with joy to create, arrange and perform music. It is a language that everyone is able to understand, especially when mere words are not enough.

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