Airs Of Soberia


On this third solo album I use spoken texts for the first time. They were created with Text-To-Speech conversion, so I could use different male and female voices for different passages.


In brief, the album addresses my personal struggle against alcohol addiction, but also the general problem with addiction itself. As I am neither a psychologist nor a physician, I can only do this in an autobiographical way.


The album represents a collection of thoughts, successes and setbacks, and is roughly divided into two parts ("before" and "after" the addiction). Of course in reality it is not appropriate to draw this distinct line, because the danger of a relapse is always there.

I would like to dedicate this album to my late uncle and all the freedom seekers out there.

Airs Of Soberia (2019)

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  1. To Choose The Booze - 3:47
  2. Deep Affection For Deflection - 4:55
  3. A Trap Door On The Brick Floor - 3:37
  4. No Hope Down The Rope - 4:03
  5. Vanity Blocks Unity - 4:11
  6. Through Swamps I Stride To The Riverside - 4:54
  7. The Oppression Of Progression - 4:51
  8. The Betrayer's Silent Prayer - 4:37
  9. The Twisting Of Compersion - 4:13
  10. Happiness Of Simpleness - 3:13
  11. Fearless With Clearness - 3:43
  12. My True Love Dwells Above - 5:30


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